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The founder of Podul Theatre returned to Romania with a project designed for Ion Creangă Theatre – Theatre ABC.
The project, implemented by the Ion Creangă Theatre, in partnership with the Cervantes High-School, gave the students, through creative workshops, the possibility to create new dramatic literature, written by themselves, inspired by their own themes of thought.

Theatre ABC started in 2008 and aimed to be a pursuit of the 1972 initiative, when director Magda Bordeianu managed to produce a collage performance, based on plays written by students. At the time, the project was a collaboration between the Acting Club of the Ion Creangă Theatre (called ABC Club) and the Playwriting Department of the Gheorghe Lazăr High-School.
The director Magda Bordeianu Brandsdörfer, founder of Podul Theatre returned to Romania with this project wanting to create a theatre for children, in which they could be both the creators and the actors, following the main lines of a program she coordinates at Volkstheater, in Mainz, Germany, where Magda Bordeianu is also artistic director.

The objectives of this workshop were: the development of creativity, of the communication abilities, of tolerance, of the appetite for learning and knowledge.
In the long-term, this workshop aimed to stimulate children into creating their own dramatic literature, which will determine the production of performances created by children, for children, and that could be presented on the stage of the Ion Creangă Theatre, in future seasons.
Ion Creangă Theatre launched this project as a way to develop and promote the children’s taste for art, in general, and for theatre, in particular. 
Three groups of students, from the 4th, 6th and 7th grade (between the ages of 10 and 14 years) participated at the ABC Theatre workshop, that took place at the Cervantes High-School. The first stage of the workshop came to an end in April 2008, with a performance based on the topic “Narration in Theatre”, performance created by children, using the competences and knowledge built up within the workshop. 
Camelia Rădulescu, principal of the Cervantes High-School, warmly welcomed Ion Creangă Theatre’s proposal of partnership:
“We hope that the drama workshop that will take place at the Bilingual High-School “Miguel de Cervantes”, in Bucharest, under the guidance of theatre director Magda Bordeianu will be the beginning of a wonderful collaboration with the Ion Creangă Theatre, that has the great initiative to come in the middle of the students, opening them the door towards theatre, but not only as spectators, but also as creators of performances. We strongly believe that this workshop will turn out to be a fascinating way for children to express freely their imagination, intelligence, playfulness and humor – qualities which, sometimes, in class, we aren’t able to put stress upon. We also hope that the performance which the students will create will convince their colleagues that the world of theatre is more fascinating, more educative and closer to real life than the one imposed by computer games.” 

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