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Recomandat: Educația timpurie

This show will be performed at


Written and directed by

Voicu Hetel


Delia Ionescu


Păstorel Ionescu

Consultant psiholog

Carmen Anghelescu - Şef Departament Educaţie Timpurie, Centrul pentru Educaţie şi Dezvoltare Profesională Step by Step


Voicu Hetel și  Marina Secașiu

Running time

40 minutes

Straight from the beach with smooth sand, from the throne-tree that reaches the sun, The Queen of nuts, honorable Mrs. Coconut, comes to visit with all her parade. Her tropical stories are full of witty wisdom, while the characters are not trolls and fairies, but two cute storytellers and the enchanted Coconut fruit. The performance uses shadow theatre and multimedia to challenge the imagination of the young audience, to encourage them to have the curiosity to discover the small things around them. 

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