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Mirage in an EGG

Recomandat: Educația timpurie

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Daniela Andrei


Daniela Andrei


Adrian Adam


Bazooka (George Siia) - Moonlight Breakfast


Păstorel Ionescu

Video animation

Răzvan Ciorsac


Carmen Palcu Adam

Psychological consultant

Carmen Anghelescu - Head of the Early Education Department, Center for Education and Professional Development Step by Step


Carmen Palcu Adam

Running time

30 minutes

The mirage begins with a game in which the acting space itself becomes the playmate of light's naughtiness. Balls that juggle for themselves, a dancing rain, playful little stars, laughing and hiding under different shapes, a canvas rainbow and plentiful musical drawings are only a part of the characters inside the egg.

Stepping, through a tiny entrance, into the universe of imagination, children discover the world with the help of the miraculous, built out of colour, music, body language and all sorts of sounds, that interconnect the real and the fantasy lands. 

Objects obtain the leading parts in the story, owing to their relation with actress Carmen Palcu Adam, they start by being animated toys and keep on evolving, as the story moves on, into the characters that set the rules of the game. 

In a staging that is novel for Romania, by combining the multimedia and classical acting elements, and in which the specially designed music becomes the voice of objects and colours, "Mirage in an EGG" invites the smallest of theatergoers to a captivating adventure into childhood's land of the imaginary. The set in which the action takes place, a translucent oversized egg, symbolizes a primordial universe in which the story is born, by comprising two approaches, of the stage and of the audience, all in one. 

This unitary space aims to form a warm memory, of a secure and protected world, as the one from which fantasy blooms.

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