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Playing in the park

Recomandat: Educația timpurie

This show will be performed at



Magda Condurache


Magda Condurache

Scenography and video projections

Delia Ionescu

Musical arrangements

Robert Agarici


Păstorel Ionescu

Psychological consultant

Carmen Anghelescu - Head of the Early Education Department, Center for Education and Professional Development Step by Step


Magda Condurache, Julieana Drăghici

Running Time

30 minutes

"Playing in the park" is a performance inspired by games played by children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old, games which involve elements such as leaves, sand and water. The kids play takes place in the park, a much beloved space by the little ones. The games between two children, a boy and a girl, turn into a performance about friendship and imagination, in which the public will discover the beauty of nature.

This performance is part of the Early Education Program and is created within the framework of the European project Small size, big citizens.

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