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Valeria Frabetti


Valeria Frabetti


Valeria Frabetti, Julieana Drăghici and Voicu Hetel

Set and costume designer

Iuri Isar and Valeria Frabetti

Musical arrangement

Valeria Frabetti and Voicu Hetel


Voicu Hetel and Julieana Drăghici


- 5 March 2009 (in italian - Bologna, Italy)

- 7 April 2009 (in romanian - Bucharest)

Running time

30 minutes

This performance was made in partnership with the theatre company La Baracca Testoni Ragazzi from Bologna, Italy, within the European project Small Size, the Net ? dedicated to developing the dramatic arts for children between the ages of 0 and 6.

The smallest of spectators will be given the chance to watch a story about life, about how even miracles need time, love, caring and work to become real, about the simple, but full of magic, beauty of such elements as: seeds, water, earth, sun and about their hidden powers.

What the critics say

What the two actors – Voicu Hetel and Julieana Drăghici – try is to establish a different form of communication, a type of especial interaction, through the use of objects, suggestions and sensations which are already familiar to the children. Words are minimal, the actors take on a body language close to this kind of “audience”. Seeds-Semi is not an interactive performance, but more of an introduction to what is called, in the grown-up world, the theatrical convention. Răzvana Niţă- Drama lesson,, 2009

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