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The wardrobe with dreams

Recomandat: Educația timpurie

A performance by

Nicoleta Rusu

Running time

30 minutes

Directed by

Daniela Mişcov


Andreea Novac


Delia Ionescu

Original score and live music

Sorin Romanescu


Nicoleta Rusu

"The wardrobe with dreams" is a story about the exquisite beauty of the clothes and accesories that can be found in a dreamlike wardrobe. The wardorbe is a magical object, that brings to life the dreams of a girl, who loves reading. Her dreams to become a character and to enter a story. 
In the mirror, in front of the wardrobe, dressed up in our parents' clothes, we have all felt the excitement of transforming ourselves and we've crossed the boundaries towards a world of fantasy, and yet so real through what it made us feel: the world of theatre. 

This performance is produced within the framework of Early Education Program

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