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White and Black

Recomandat: Educația timpurie

A performance by

Nicoleta Rusu, Voicu Hetel and Daniela Mişcov

Running time

30 minutes

Script and direction

Nicoleta Rusu, Voicu Hetel and Daniela Mişcov 


Andreea Novac


Nicoleta Rusu and Voicu Hetel

White and Black are both symbolic characters of two worlds, so different and yet so close. 
These two worlds exist one near the other, but neither one of them has seen the other. Because, until now, they haven’t noticed the existence of the other world, their eyes have never met, so far. Each of them is preoccupied by his own little univers, just like the Little Prince was by his planet...
A performance in which the world is discovered at a sensory level, just like children discover it, with their first baby steps.

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