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Caroline and the pony

Recomandat: Over 8 years


Laurenţiu Budău

Scenic adaptation by

Cornel Todea

Running time

50 minutes

Directed by

Cornel Todea


Viaceslav Vutcariov

Music by

Eduard Petru Jighirgiu


Păstorel Ionescu

The scenery made by

Multimedia Film

Caroline's voice in the songs

Andrada Pantilimon


The Doctor: Ionuţ Ciocia
The Nurse: Ioana Ginghină
The Mother: Anca Zamfirescu
Caroline: Liliana Donici
Zozo (the owner of the Circus): Ionuţ Antonie
The Father: Marius Nănău
Oxford (the Shetland pony): Gabriel Coveşeanu
The Manager of the West School: Cristian Boeriu
The Nile Crocodile: Eduard Petru Jighirgiu

Caroline and the pony is a comedy inspired by the fascinating world of circus. Children will find out the story of Caroline, the girl who stopped growing, she is 14 years old but looks like a 6 year old. Her only friend is Oxford, the Shetland pony. This is the story of a girl who decided not to grow because she does not feel loved.

"We hope that the children and their parents alike, will love our story, a story that talks about friendship and solidarity" Cornel Todea - director

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