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The War of Food

Recomandat: Over 8 years

This show will be performed at



Ioan Gârmacea, după Petre Ispirescu


Mihai Manolescu

Set and Costume Designer

Anca Pâslaru


Păstorel Ionescu

Musical arrangements

Mihaela Constantinescu


Măscărici: Cristian Irimia
Doica: Alexandrina Halic
Verde Impărat: Mihai Verbiţchi
Raluca, fiica cea mică: Miruna Ionescu
Ruxandra, fiica mijlocie: Camelia Andriţă
Smaranda, fiica cea mare: Nicoleta Rusu
Lord Pepper: Marius Nănău
Von Knoblauch: Cristian Creţu/Voicu Hetel
Prinţul: Oliviu Bughiu
Roşu Împărat: Daniel Tudorică
Crainicul: Ion Arcudeanu

Running time


“A real play, not only a script”, as the director of the performances notices, a “post modern and baroque” text, in which the quotes and the literary allusions harmoniously mix and turn into a real leit-motif (allowing an extremely playful dialogue with Shakespeare’s creation, and with King Lear in particular). Therefore, the folk tale first published by Petre Ispirescu, that talks about finding true love, but also about ingredients and different tastes, gains new layers of meaning, varied emotions and a new theme for thought: what is truth and the essence, what is appearance?


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