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Recomandat: Over 8 years

Adaptation by

Ioan Gârmacea, after Ion Luca Caragiale 


Chris Simion


Adina Mastalier

Assistent director

Silvia Dumitrache

Musical arrangements

Robert Agarici


Author, Inspector: Cristian Irimia
School Teacher Mariu Chicoş Rostogan: Mihai Verbiţchi
Goe: Cristina Casian
Ionel: Miruna Ionescu
Mam'mare, house keeper, Madam Ionescu: Alexandrina Halic
Miţa, Madam Popescu: Cerasela Popescu
Mamiţa, Madam Ftiriadi: Ilinca Atanasiu
Hanibal Ftiriadi: Oliviu Cristian Bughiu
Train conductor: Marius Nănău
Pupils: Voicu Hetel, Oliviu Cristian Bughiu, Miruna Ionescu, Cristina Casian, Cristian Creţu, Marius Nănău

In the stage version proposed by Chris Simion, "Whims" turns Ion Creangă Theatre into a gigantic class room, inside which all the members of the audience, big or small, become class/prank mates with some of the most famous "younglings" from Caragiale's sketches, adapted by Ioan Gârmacea. 
Therefore, Ionel, Mr. Goe and the pupils of the eccentric school teacher Mariu Chicoş Rostogan meet in a multifunctional set, that erases the demarcations between stage and audience, the multimedia projections and the various special effects finding with ease their place among the top hats and the pince-nez of the 19th century. 
The fantastic adventures of the ill-fated "marinel", of the over-sweeted shoes, as well as the lessons about the "cometa" and the Peştaloţiu method seem almost anxious to be (re)given, in the world of childhood stories, to the children of today, no matter what their age or "whims" are.

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