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The Hood

Recomandat: Peste 4 ani

This show will be performed at

Teatrul Ion Creangă, Sala mică (Str. Biserica Amzei nr 21-23)

Written and directed by

Michal Svironi

Set designer

Andreea Săndulescu

Asistenți scenografie

Ana-Maria Calița, Elena Dumitrescu, Alina Grecu, Clara Pop

Layout poster and booklet

Daniel Păun


Claudia Revnic

Ana-Maria Calița

Elena Dumitrescu

Smaranda Găbudeanu / Cristina Țane

Cristina Purici 

Tatiana Șelaru

Cătălin Frăsinescu

Running time


In our peaceful oasis, there is only one neighborhood – it is The Hood. Stories, myths and familiar situations (approached differently) are realigned in a miniature performance space: five small, fantastic houses, whose guests become spectators and actors. The Hood is a special form of interactive theatre. It is a meeting between the performance and the audience and they all become friends, because, together, they witness exciting events in the world of the circus, they take part in thrilling adventures in the Book House, they discover the universe in God S House, they find out some things   about the miracle of birth in the Maternity House and they learn to be truly courageous. Staged by Michal Svironi (Israel) and with the fairytale design by Andreea Săndulescu, scenographer, The Hood offers a unique experience in a space of wonder and joy. 

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