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A wolf, a goat and its three kids

Recomandat: Peste 5 ani

This show will be performed at

Excelsior Theatre


Monica Patriciu, după Ion Creangă


Cornel Todea


Viaceslav Vutcariov


Eduard Petru Jighirgiu

Păstorel Ionescu
Povestitorul: Gabriel Coveşeanu
Lupul: Ionuţ Ciocia
Capra: Anca Zamfirescu
Iedul cel Mic: Liliana Donici
Iedul cel Mijlociu: Miruna Ionescu/Ilinca Atanasiu
Iedul cel Mare: Camelia Andriţă
Fierarul: Cristian Boeriu
Compozitorul-personaj: Eduard Petru Jighirgiu


Running time


The staging of Ion Creangă΄s story, as an interactive musical comedy, with dancing and allusive songs about realities which are familiar to children nowadays, succeds in being attractive for today΄s audience. Thus, the wolf sings his score on dance rythms, the kids take their first baby steps in the go-cart, the goat walks around on a stroller, the blacksmith uses modern instruments to turn the wolf’s cavernously voice into a high pitched one etc.

By using the “theatre in theatre” mechanism – the audience is given the opportunity to watch also, apart from the story of the wolf, the goat and its kids, the story behind the production of a theatre play. The storyteller from the books becomes now, in the world of theatre, the director that controls all the stage elements. He determines the content of the play, he casts and guides the actors, inserts the musical moments created by the composer, and also gives a meaning and a purpose to the set and costumes designed by the sceneographer.


What the critics say:

A wolf, a goat and its three kids , a loose interpretation of Creangă’s story, is a performance in which it’s not the story that is important (for example, in the end, the wolf has the chance to be rescued), but the GAME. The actors use the classic story in order to create a game-play which allows all sorts of references to the modern world – a game, designed, first and foremost, for the amusement of the smallest theatergoers.
Robert Bălan – „B 01 GOAT” România Liberă, 22 Octombrie, 2009

The performance A wolf, a goat and its three kids seemed to me to have a really clever script. It’s the first time when I think that the bringing up to date of a classic text (meaning Shakespeare, in blue jeans and headphones) is welcomed. Cornel Todea doesn’t take the children, from 2009, back to the folk costumes in 1850, but engages them in the world of laser and rollerblades, and everything seems incredibly proper. Therefore, with the assistance of Păstorel Ionescu, the director of the performance managed to create remarkably funny scenes, in a show for children in which music and dancing make comedy break loose, and the story-teller/director (Gabriel Coveşeanu) is the one who chooses the actors and casts the parts, recalling the play rehearsed by the mechanicals, in “A midsummer’s night dream”. Mircea Ghiţulescu – „A million stories”, Luceafarul, 21 Octombrie 2009

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