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This show will be performed at


Adaptation by

David Wood, after Enid Blyton

Translation by

Silvia Năstasie


Attila Vizauer


Viaceslav Vutcariov


George Marcu


Păstorel Ionescu


Noddy: Camelia Andriţă
Big-Ears: Alexandrina Halic
Gobbo The Goblin: Julieana Drăghici/Ani Creţu
Sly The Goblin: Mihaela Beţiu
Tessie Bear: Nicoleta Rusu/Maria Ţăran
Mr. Plod: Cerasela Popescu/Iuliana Costiniu
Bumpy Dog: Vera Linguraru
Mr. Sparks: Marioara Sterian
Mr. Noah: Marcela Andrei
Wily Witch: Mirela Busuioc
Lion, Mexican girl, Zebra: Iuliana Costiniu

Running time


        Each toy has it's role and its purpose in Toy Land, a place where the boundaries are only those of imagination, and the uninvited are only those who have neglected their right to dream. This is what Noddy, the well known story character created by the writer Enid Blyton, learns when he fearfully steps on a land where you have the freedom to be yourself, to know yourself, among friends who are always ready to help you.
        Transforming the stage of Ion Creanga Theatre into a playground of a musical fantasy inspired by Beatles and ''flower-power'' spirit, Noddy is a performance about toy-child who allows himself to create a world as he wants.


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