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Cornel Todea, after Carlo Collodi

Running time

1 h 40 min

Directed by

Cornel Todea

Set and costume designer

Viaceslav Vutcariov

Music by

Cornel Todea


Păstorel Ionescu


Pinocchio - Ani Creţu 
Mangiafoco, The Fire-Eater - Cristian Irimia/Cristian Creţu 
The Narrator - Anca Zamfirescu
Master Cherry - Cristian Boeriu
Geppetto - Ion Gh. Arcudeanu
The Talking Cricket - Alexandrina Halic
The Peddler Of Old Clothes, The Man With The Bag, Giamgio, The Milkman - Marius Nănău 
The Fox - Marina Procopie
The Cat, The Percussionist - Daniel Tudorică
The Landlady - Sibylla Oarcea 
The Blue Fairy - Cornelia Pavlovici 
The Owl - Mirela Busuioc 
The Hawk - Marcela Andrei/ Ioana Ginghină
The Wicked Fairy From Field Of Wonders - Florina Luican
Lampwick - Mihaela Beţiu
The Circus Manager - Mărioara Sterian
The Flame-Thrower - Ioan Georgescu 
Mangiafoco Troupe - Marina Procopie, Cornelia Pavlovici , Mirela Bucsuioc, Marcela Andrei, Claudia Revnic, Julieana Drăghici, Vera Linguraru, Mihaela Beţiu, Ilinca Atanasiu 
Gambetta, Dancers With Hats And Canes - , Mirela Busuioc, Claudia Revnic, Marcela Andrei, Julieana Drăghici, Mihaela Beţiu, Ilinca Atanasiu 
People Carrying The Funeral Pile - Vera Linguraru, Ioan Georgescu 
The Men With Masks - Marcela Andrei, Vera Linguraru, Julieana Drăghici, Mihaela Beţiu 
Children Travelling To Field Of Wonders - Vera Linguraru, Julieana Drăghici, Marcela Andrei, Ilinca Atanasiu 
Music Players And Acrobats Of The Circus - Cristian Boeriu, Mihaela Beţiu, Vera Linguraru, Julieana Drăghici, Marius Nănău, Ioan Georgescu 
Sea Waves - Mirela Busuioc, Marcela Andrei, Julieana Drăghici, Mihaela Beţiu,Iuliana Costiniu 

The show offers the modern viewer a contemporary vision of the spectacular adventures of Pinocchio, the little wooden puppet that will finally turn into a human being. The show is based on "Pinocchio" by Carlo Collodi, one of the most charming stories ever written for children. 

In 2003, Pinocchio received the National Award for children' s theatre, distinction given by the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs.
In 2009, Ani Creţu received the award for Best Leading Actress, for the part of Pinocchio, in the "Naj, Naj, Naj" International Children's Theatre Festival in Zagreb, Croatia.
Also, in 2009, Pinocchio received the award for Best Performance at the International Children's Theatre Festival "Magic Curtain", held in Targovishte, Bulgaria. 


What the critics say

Cornel Todea takes up the classic story and provides the audience with a different version, much more modern, of Carlo Collodi’s work, a version which is charming, through its visual effects, through the grace and elegance delivered by each scene. 
Ileana Lucaciu- Timpul liber, 2003

The performance staged, with true professionalism, by Cornel Todea, benefits in a rich scenography, with ceremonial value (Viaceslav Vutcariov), which is seductive through its picturesque, chromatic elegance and costume expressivity, with insightful, sometimes ironic, details of dress. These are complemented by the dynamic scenes of music and dance (choreography by Păstorel Ionescu) and by the lively coloured sounds, chosen also by the director, with a significant contribution to the rhythm and fluency of the performance.
The world of the big and of the small, of the flesh and blood characters and of the wooden puppet brought to life through love and special gifts, of the circus, of the cabaret and of the music hall or the world of the houses of perdition, parade in front of our eyes, together with Pinocchio’s mishaps and with that feeling of playfulness, which transcends the entire performance, kindling the joy of playing on stage and the feeling of a good time in the audience.
Ion Parhon- România Liberă, 2003

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