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The little tiger who loved pancakes

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Adaptation of a script created by children

Baylor Theatre, Waco-Texas

Running time

50 minutes

Director & musical arrangement

Cornelius Pavaloi 

Set designer

Anca Pâslaru


Păstorel Ionescu


Ion Arcudeanu

Voicu Hetel

Cerasela Constantin

Cornelia Pavlovici

Julieana Drăghici

Marioara Sterian

Cristian Boeriu

Maria Ţăran

Ionuţ Ciocia

Eduard Jighirgiu


This is the story of a witch who wants to rule the world, and of two kids that are bravely facing her, becoming heroes of a fantastic adventure; a story about a stripeless tiger who loves pancakes, born out of a wrong spell. 
The script is written by a group of American children, at the Baylor Theatre, Waco-Texas.


What the critics say

The staging at Ion Creangă Theatre revels in clever scenographic solutions (set designer Anca Pâslaru), which represent a great part of the performance?s charm. The costumes of the witch and of the ?cat woman? are spectacular and make not only the children, but also their parents, to watch them breathless. 
Doinel Tronaru - România Liberă, 2006

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