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This show will be performed at


Script and directing

Daniela Andrei


Păstorel Ionescu


Claudia Rawlings

Voice and kobsa

Doina Lavric


Marius Meragiu


Cornelia Pavlovici, Gabriel Coveșeanu, Ani Crețu / Ioana Ginghină

Running time


How can we understand the world of theatre better? Even the actors who play fairytale characters and heroes with amazing powers are sometimes feel lost, because, for various reasons, they are going up on stage without doing their homework. They don’t know their lines, the text is scattered. They are forced to improvise and the result may be a failure. But the actors from our show succeed in turning the play around, right before the spectator's eyes, through a magic known only by them, and make it a success. They help each other and, with a smile on their faces, they recite poetry, they sing, dance and play comic scenes - unexpectedly managing to present a top mark show.

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