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Snow White and the seven dwarfs

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Cornel Todea

Running time

1 hour 40 minutes 

Directed by

Cornel Todea

Set and costume designer

Viaceslav Vutcariov

Musical arrangements

Eduard Jighirgiu


Păstorel Ionescu


Snow White- Raluca Gheorghiu / Julieana Drăghici 
The Queen - Marina Procopie
The Monkey - Liliana Donici 
The Parrot - Camelia Andriţă 
The Nanny - Anca Zamfirescu 
The Prince - Oliviu Cristian Bughiu / Eduard Jighirgiu 
The Hunter - Eduard Jighirgiu / Oliviu Cristian Bughiu 
Doc - Gabriel Coveşeanu 
Happy - Alexandrina Halic 
Grumpy - Cristian Creţu 
Sleepy - Marius Nănău 
Dopey - Voicu Hetel 
Sneezy - Daniel Tudorică 
Bashful - Cristian Boieriu 

Director CORNEL TODEA sets out to put up a show able to hold on to the charm of the story, without ignoring its drama since Snow White is a story about beauty, kindness, friendship and love as well as about evil, envy and violence. 
The music, the funny moments and the innovative set design (by VIACESLAV VUTCARIOV) are some other ingredients of this show, a show dedicated to everybody, young or old, who believes in the chance Good has to defeat what is Evil and Ugly.


What the critics say

Extremely elaborate, with a scenography that emphasizes the importance of quality materials, of detailed prop elements, of grand objects – some of them per se, as is the dwarfs’ table or the Queen’s throne – the performance has a sort of richness, that does good to the stage and to the beholder.[…] The atmosphere on stage slowly drifts into the audience and, at a certain point, all the boundaries disappear, and we’re all part of the story, part of the manner in which Cornel Todea has read it today, with his humour, with his well measured luxury, that looks well in our eyes, with a dosage of wisdom and of the manner of sharing it.
Marina Constantinescu – Adevărul, 17 octombrie 2007

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