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The Beetles

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Adaptation by

Iosif Herţea, Tompa Gábor and Cornel Todea


Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz

Running time

50 minutes

Directed by

Cornel Todea 

Music and musical training by

Iosif Herţea

Musical arrangements, electronic orga

Sorin Tudor

Set and costume designer

Anca Pâslaru


Păstorel Ionescu


The Child - Nicoleta Rusu / Miruna Ionescu
The Father, The King - Ion Gheorghe Arcudeanu / Mihai Verbiţchi
The Soldiers - Oliviu Cristian Bughiu, Gabriel Coveşeanu, Eduard Jighirgiu, Marius Nănău, Ion Ionuţ Ciocia, Cezar Popescu
The Chamberlain - Cristian Boeriu
The Beetles Shaman - Nicoleta Rusu / Miruna Ionescu
The Nuns - Alexandrina Halic, Marina Procopie, Anca Zamfirescu
The Beetles - Liliana Donici, Julieana Drăghici, Ani Creţu, Iuliana Costiniu, Ioana Ginghină, Ilinca Atanasiu, Marcela Andrei, Nicoleta Rusu

The narrative of a child who discovers, as in a dream, the magic of music and is initiated in its fascinating world by some fantastic characters, as are the Beetles. Iosif Herţea proposes a musical score, both original and provocative, played with instruments of all sorts, some even unconventional or exotic. The actors experiment and discover various sounds, from which they interweave a musical story performed in dance steps, under the coordination of director Cornel Todea and of the choreographer Păstorel Ionescu.

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