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The World of Paparin

Recomandat: Peste 7 ani

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Carmen Dominte

Directed by

Vasile Manta

Set design

Viaceslav Vutcariov


Păstorel Ionescu


Paparin / Filipino: Mihai Verbiţchi
Lilu: Marcela Andrei
Tamino: Stefania Dumitru
Alteia: Marina Secaşiu
Sololarina: Cornelia Pavlovici
Mini: Ioana Ginghină

Running time

50 minutes

At Paparin railway station, none of the passengers in the waiting room could ever mix-up the train schedule or miss their connections towards the place they intend to reach. And that's because, without knowing it, they are all heading towards the same destination - the world of a great and mysterious inventor. In order to get there, all they have to do is have their... magic cape marked by the ticket puncher.

Tamino, a brisk and sprightly boy, is looking for the No Corners Land, Alteia, the little girl with the luggage filled with questions, wants to find all the answers at once. By their side, they have Mini, a traveling cape, Sololarina, a key of a... funny kind, and Filipino, the train conductor, acting as the guide for this unprecedented adventure.

Things get complicated with the appearance of a capricious shadow, that seems to have hidden maestro Paparin and also, with the inexplicable disappearance of Filipino.... In what unknown land could the four friends be and where is the border between reality and fantasy?

We will find out, at the end of this spirited comedy, coloured like a child's dream, which talks about how important it is, when embarking on a journey, not only to know your destination, but most of all to have the right people next to you, while starting on a new road.

The play ''The world of Paparin'' won the first prize at the 6th edition of the Playwrighting for Children contest, organized by Ion Creangă Theatre and the Bucharest Writers Association.

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