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The farce of Master Pathelin

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Running time

50 minutes

Adaptation by

Cornel Todea after a fifteenth century anonymous masterpiece


Cornel Todea

Set designer

Luana Dragoiescu


Pathelin - Cristian Irimia
Guillemette - Anca Zamfirescu
Guillaume - Mihai Verbiţchi
Agnelet - Ionuţ Ciocia
The Judge - IIon Arcudeanu

The Farce of Master Pathelin is a fifteenth century anonymous masterpiece. A really funny story, teaching us timeless valuable lessons: the trickster is tricked; in the art of cheating, the apprentice often exceeds his master.

What the critics say:

A sensible and up-to-date metaphor of a society in which Lie is sovereign, the farce of master Pathelin, in the stage version of the Romanian theatre company “Ion Creangă”, has won over the children, especially due to the artistry of the actors, that were able to carry out each word with gestures, looks and moves, full of irony, by using, in a harmonious mixture, all the classic ingredients of the comic genre.
Il Quotidiano della Basilicata, 24 May 2006

The performance “The farce of Master Pathelin” gets a lot of laughs, you laugh with delight, and humour creases not only your cheeks, but also a circumvolution or two… Humour springs from a witty way of regarding our, your, their small/big sins, from the gift of loving the word and of making it sprout in the most unexpected (yet possible) ways. And the humour of this performance also springs from the shared joy of playing. Of playing ingenuity, polite malice, of playing zest that doesn’t offend, of playing play.
Cristina Dumitrescu - Adevărul literar şi artistic, 1998

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