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Recomandat: Performances for Early Years

Acest spectacol se joacă la

Teatrul Ion Creangă, Sala Mică (Str. Biserica Amzei nr. 21-23)  



Ioana Petre, Julieana Drăghici and Thomas Ciocșirescu

Directed by

Ioana Petre


Vladimir Turturica


Răzvan Ropotan

Psychology consultant

Carmen Anghelescu


Ema: Julieana Drăghici

Thomas: Thomas Ciocșirescu

Live music: Răzvan Ropotan 

Recomandarea de vârstă

sub 3 ani


30 minute

Data premierei

7 iulie 2016

Meet Ema and Thomas, the newest friends to join Ion Creangă Theatre. Together we will watch their play day unfold: we will observe them having breakfast, we will find out where they like to travel, and discover their favourite games. The duo is joined by Molar, the polar bear, and Ake, the tropical forest snake. The playful set design and live music, created to suit the needs of the youngest spectators, will guide us to a new, far away adventure. 

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