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Sleepy Little Pillow

Recomandat: Performances for Early Years

Acest spectacol se joacă la

Teatrul Ion Creangă, Sala Mică (Str. Biserica Amzei nr. 21-23)


Script and directed by

Carmen Palcu și Voicu Hetel


Andreea Săndulescu


Andra Burcă


Radu Mihalache

Light design

Cristian Petru Simon

Psychology consultant

Cătălina Hetel


Andra Mirescu și Andreea Gaica

Recomandarea de vârstă

sub 3 ani


30 minute

Data premierei

11 decembrie 2016

A child's eyes are always wide, and when the time to sleep comes, they get wider!

As the light is being switched off, a child turns on his imagination. Stories start to unfold, made of shapes and shadows, and new games are being invented in this hour of mystery and wonder. And the child ends up falling asleep in a cool submarine, under the water or in a hot air balloon, above colorful hills and magically wakes up in his bed.

While exploring that very special moments of childhood, between saying Good night and actually sleeping, the artistic team of the performance, searches for new ways of playing and discovering the world.

Sleepy Little Pillow talks about perceptions, images, feelings and the wellspring of new games that lies in every small spectator. 

Sleepy Little Pillow is the Wide Eyes Co-Production and the second show produced in the European project Small Size, Performing Arts for Early Years, supported by Creative Europe, the European Commission's framework programme for support to the culture and audiovisual sectors.

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