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Recomandat: Peste 4 ani

This show will be performed at

Sala Rapsodia (Str. Lipscani nr. 53)



Written and directed by

Ștefan Ruxanda

Stage design and costumes

Viaceslav Vutcariov

Execuţie costume
Claudia Rawlings's Atelier
Morbus: Florin Gorgon-Grigorescu

Consi: Consuella Gorgon-Grigorescu

Hanso: Cătălin Gorgon-Grigorescu
Lora: Oana Sterie 
Recomandarea de vârstă

peste 4 ani


50 minute

Data premierei

22 noiembrie 2015

Can anyone forbid music? Music is like the air, you cannot reach it or catch it, but for the musicians it means everything. Especially for the clowns, whose greatest joy is to play any instrument, wherever, whenever. This is the way they talk, the way in which they become friends to one another and with us. The clowns can change the most grumpy look in a wide smile, and their cheerfulness echoes far beyond the theatre hall. 

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