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Youth Without Age and Life Without Death

Recomandat: Peste 5 ani

This production is performed at

Excelsior Theatre

Script by

Victor Ioan Frunză


Petre Ispirescu


Adrian Nicolae


Tibor CÁRI

Costumes and set design

Adriana Grand

Directed by

Victor Ioan Frunză


(în ordinea apariţiei)

Sfântul Petre: Adrian Nicolae 

Dumnezeu: Alexandru Pavel

Mama lui Făt-Frumos, împărăteasă: Cornelia Pavlovici 

Tatăl lui Făt-Frumos, împărat: Ion Ionuț Ciocia 

Un alchimist: Andrei Huțuleac 

Ucenicul Alchimistului: George Costin 

Moartea: Dan Clucinschi 

Făt-Frumos din Lacrimă (copil): Anton Miron-Presan 

Făt-Frumos din Lacrimă (din trecut): Carol Ionescu 

Trei cai frumoși: Andrei Huțuleac, Nicoleta Hâncu, Sorin Miron 

Calul lui Făt-Frumos: George Costin 

Ileana Cosânzeana (din trecut): Nicoleta Hâncu 

Mama-Pădurilor: Sorin Miron 

Ileana Cosânzeana (copil): Ștefana Vasilescu

Gheonoaia: Marcela Andrei 

Genarul: Andrei Huțuleac 

Calul Genarului: Sorin Miron 

Ileana Cosânzeana (din prezent): Alexandrina Halic 

Făt-Frumos din Lacrimă (din prezent): Păstorel Ionescu / Alin Florea



Marta Claudia Tudor  / Tibor Cari (pian)

Raul Stănulescu/ Aura Burtea  (vioară)

Cezara Comşa / Cristina Răducan (flaut)

Bogdan Gugu / Bogdan Mavroean (clarinet)

Anca Vartolomei / Alexandra Curcă (violoncel)

Iulian Găitan (acordeon)


Adriana Grand

Recomandarea de vârstă

peste 5 ani


60 minute

Data premierei

26 noiembrie 2016

In the old days, when the Earth seemed to be closer to the sky, Prince Charming, The Tear Begotten is born. He grows up, nurtured by his parents’ love, and when he is ready, he leaves in a voyage, looking for the gift he was promised at his birth – immortality and eternal youth. He discovers a world in which Death is pacing carefully between the living, he succeeds in defeating, together with his loyal magical horse, the enemies he meets on the way: the forest hag (Muma Pădurii), the shadows hag (Gheonoaia) and Genario (Genarul). He meets his love, Ileana Consânzeana, but he prays that she waits for him – his journey is about to continue in a place that has its own rules, and where he is about to finally find, life without death. But this comes together with forgetting, and the hero risks losing himself. 

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