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Jungle Book

Recomandat: Peste 6 ani

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Octavian Jighirgiu, after Rudyard Kipling


Octavian Jighirgiu

Set and costumes designer

Anca Pâslaru and Delia Ionescu


Eduard Petru Jighirgiu


Andrea Gavriliu


Andrei Cozlac


Povestitor (Bagheera): Anca Zamfirescu

Mowgli: Maxim Donici / Liliana Donici

Bagheera: Iuliana Costiniu

Baloo: Cristian Boeriu / Octavian Jighirgiu

Rama (Tatăl Lup): Daniel Tudorică

Raksha (Mama Lupoaică): Mirela Busuioc

Akela: Ion Gheorghe Arcudeanu

Lupi: Marina Procopie, Nicoleta Rusu, Voicu Hetel, Andra Mirescu

Shere Khan: Eduard Petru Jighirgiu

Kaa: Ion Ionuţ Ciocia / Cezar Vlad Popescu

Hathi: Ion Gheorghe Arcudeanu 

Elefanţi: Gabriel Coveşeanu, Ion Ionuţ Ciocia / Cezar Vlad Popescu, Marina Procopie, Voicu Hetel, Andra Mirescu, Maria Ţăran

King Louie: Gabriel Coveşeanu

Maimuţe: Nicoleta Rusu, Marina Procopie, Voicu Hetel, Maria Ţăran, Andra Mirescu 

Vulturi: Nicoleta Rusu, Andra Mirescu, Ion Ionuţ Ciocia / Cezar Vlad Popescu, Gabriel Coveşeanu

Recomandarea de vârstă

peste 6 ani


80 minute

Data premierei

29 martie 2013

 "When I decided to do a stage adaptation after The Jungle Book, I knew that I was pursuing a bumpy road, by launching myself into a hazardous competition with the celebrity of the stories written by Rudyard Kipling. I truly feel that this performance manages to detach itself of the tales? international renown, by imposing its own world and atmosphere and by creating a unique destiny for itself. That is why I recommend, to the children and grown-ups as well, to let themselves carried away by the adventures of the little jungle prince, who, along his ?formative journey?, discovers fundamental truths about life. It is a show, at the same time hilarious and serious, which I recommend to all those who still believe in the healing powers of love and friendship."(Octavian Jighirgiu, director)


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