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What Monsters Are Afraid Of

Recomandat: Peste 6 ani

This show is performed at

Sala Rapsodia (Str. Lipscani nr. 53) 




Mihai Ion and Gelu Colceag


Ioan Slavici and Ion Pop Reteganul

directed by

Gelu Colceag

Stage and costume design

Ioana Pashca


Călin Grigoriu


Ştefan Lupu


Alina Suărăşan and Gelu Colceag


Stan Bolovan: Vlad Corbeanu

Mărioara: Graţiela Teohari-Duban

Dumnezeu: Cristian Irimia

Sfântul Petre: Alexandrina Halic

Sfântul Ilie: Marcela Andrei

Crâșmărița: Ilinca Atanasiu

Țapul: Marius Nănău

Ursul: Vlad Benescu

Zurbalan, Directorul circului: Dan Clucinschi

Fofo, Administratorul menajeriei: Cristian Boeriu

Mama Zmeilor, Măcelarul: Gabi Costin

Klonkan: Ion Ionuţ Ciocia / Eduard Cîrlan

Bălălaica: Ilinca Atanasiu

Pălălaica: Nicoleta Rusu

Geambalaica, Sf.Gheorghe: Liliana Donici

Năluca: Iuliana Costiniu

Recomandarea de vârstă

peste 6 ani


90 minute

Data premierei

3 octombrie 2015

What Monsters Are Afraid Of - a musical performance about an upside down world. 

Nothing seems to be enough in a world caught between Heaven and the underworld – neither the money nor the food, neither the sun nor the rain, not even the children. When the Earth starts falling ill and God is more and more tired, a simple peasant manages to travel beyond the horizon and back again, restoring the fragile balance.

Some highly unusual and quite unfortunate events are the reason why Stan, also called Bolovan (The Boulder), started on the road to the other realm, led by a beast who is always ready for a feast. None of his monster brothers that are waiting unbothered underground are actually polite, but they evoke sympathy and they like to sing beautifully. The fairytale starts with once upon a time like a favorite story of mine. And when the music will stop ringing in your head, there will be no monsters at the playground, in the school, under your bed.

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